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Concrete Testing Instruments

We offer Cube Moulds, Cylindrical Moulds and Beam Moulds of various sizes as listed below.
Meets: - IS: 10086, IS: 516, BS: 1881, ASTM C192, ASTM C31
Note: - All below mention Mould are also available in MILD STEEL
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MI.CO-1023 Air Entrainment Meter
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Air Entrainment Meter
It consists of a pressure-tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl, fitted with a removable flanged and a conical cover assembly with a seal in-between. The conical cover has an air valve and a petcock for bleeding off the water. A cylindrical standpipe, which is graduated in percent air content, is fixed to the conical cover assembly. Required pressure is applied to the specimen with the help of a pressure bulb. The recommended limits specified for the air content are between 3% and 6.5%.Each apparatus is supplied complete with a calibrating cylinder, pressure gauge, funnel, trowel and tamping bar.
Meets:- IS: 1199, IS: 9799, IS: 10079, BS-1881
The following sizes are available.

MI.CO-1024 Length Comparator
The apparatus can be used for to measure difference between the length of the specimen from existing structure and its length when completely dried and to check difference between the length of the cured specimen and the length when it is dried.
Meets:- IS: 9459

MI.CO-1025 Compaction Factor Apparatus
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Compaction Factor Apparatus
A useful tool for workability determination of concrete mixes of very low workability such as those normally used with Concrete, compacted by Vibration. Concrete mix having maximum size of aggregate exceeding 38 mm can be tested for workability. Apparatus is complete with hoppers and receiver assembly.
Meets:- IS: 5515

MI.CO-1026 Permeability Testers
The test consists in subjecting the mortar or concrete specimen of known dimensions, contained in a specially designed cell, to a known hydrostatic pressure from one side, measuring the quantity of water percolating through it during a given interval of time and computing the coefficient of permeability. The test permits measurement of the water entering the specimen as well as that leaving it.
Meets:- IS: 3085
Available in the following models Note: The Compressor is not supplied as a part of the outfit.

Pocket Concrete Penetrometer

MI.CO-1028 Concrete Penetrometer, Spring Type
It consists of cylindrical spring housing with a plunger attached to the top of the spring. Penetration needle is attached to the other end of the spring housing. The plunger is graduated in 1 kg divisions, to a maximum capacity of 60 kg, which can be read with respect to the top end of the spring housing. A set of six needle points with areas of 645, 323, 161, 65, 32 and 16 mm2 are provided and supplied complete in a wooden carrying case.
Meets:- IS: 8142-1976

Concrete Penetrometer. Hydraulic Type

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Slump Cone Apparatus
MI.CO-1030 Slump Test Apparatus
This apparatus used for determining the slump of fresh concrete as a measure of its consistency.
Meets :- IS: 7320, BS: 1881, ASTM C 143, AASHO T119

Tamping Bar of 16 mm dia x 60 cm long
Meets:- IS: 516

MI.CO-1031 Vibrating Table
Milestone Instruments
Vibrating Table
Proper compaction of cement concrete while casting specimens for compression testing is essential to achieve a better and more consistent mixture. Suitable for operation with 220 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply.
Following options are available.

Capping set for Cylindrical Mould
While casting the cylindrical moulds both side of mould should be flat and parallel when conducting a compressive strength test. These capping sets are for use in the field and in the laboratory.
Meets:- BS: 1881, ASTM C31 ASTM C617
Following sizes are available.

Capping compound powder

MI.CO-1034 Melting pot for capping compound,
It consists of sheet metal and fitted with heater having thermostatic controller to maintain the temperature having 1 Litre Capacity, Working Temp. 150 C

MI.CO-1035 Vee-Bee Consistometer
Vee-Bee Consistometer is determines the time required for transforming, by vibration, a concrete specimen in the shape of a conical frustum into a cylinder. Suitable for operation on 220 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply
Meets:- IS: 10510-1983 IS: 1199, ASTM C - 124, AASHO T 120, 126

MI.CO-1036 Curing tank
It consists of sheet metal and fitted with heater having thermostatic controller to maintain the temperature while conducting the compression test of concrete casting moulds. It should cure properly as per standard. It has a capacity to dip 24 cube moulds of 150 mm and temperature range from ambient to 100 Degree Cent.

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