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Sand And Aggregates

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MI.SA-1001 Specific Gravity Frame Also known as Buoyancy Balance
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Specific Gravity Test
A mechanical lifting device is used to raise the water tank through the frame height immersing the specimen suspended below the balance. The balance supplied calculates the specific gravity of the sample automatically.

It consists of one frame having the arrangement for lifting the water bucket and has one digital scale (Capacity 15 Kg accuracy 1gm) on the top of frame having the arrangement of hooking the density basket of size 20 cm height and 20 cm dia
Meets :-EN 12390-7, 1097-6

MI.SA-1001001 Density Basket for Specific Gravity
Fabricated with M steel size 20 cm height and 20 cm dia

MI.SA-1002 Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
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Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
This apparatus is used for measuring resistance of an aggregate to crushing. Made of mild steel, it comprises:
Cylindrical Cell, 150 ± 0.5 mm ID x 130 to 140 mm height Plunger, 148±0.5 mm dia x 100 to 115 mm height Base Plate, 200 to 230 mm square x 6 mm thickness Tamping rod, 16 mm dia x 450 to 600 mm length Metal measure, 110 ± 0.5 mm ID x 180±0.5 mm height
Meets :- IS: 9376, IS: 2386

MI.SA-1003 Aggregate Impact Value
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Aggregate Impact Value
It is for determining the aggregate impact value and has been designed in accordance with IS: 2386 (Part 4), IS: 9377-1979. The sturdy construction consists of a base and support columns to form a rigid framework around the quick release trigger mechanism to ensure an effective free fall of the hammer during test. The free fall can be adjusted through 380 ± 5 mm. The hammer is provided with a locking arrangement. Following model of Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus is available:
Meets :- IS: 2386 (Part 4), IS: 9377

Elongation: MI.SA-1004 Length Gauge
Constructed from steel, mounted on a hardwood base.
Meets:- IS:2386(Part 1)

MI.SA-1005 Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
Milestone Instruments
Los Angles Abrasion Testing
This machine is for determining the resistance to wear of small size coarse aggregates and crushed rock. The machine consists of a hollow cylinder, mounted on a sturdy frame on ball bearings. A detachable shelf which extends throughout the inside length of the drum catches the abrasive charge and does not allow it to fall on the cover. The drum is rotated at a speed of 30-33 rpm by an electric motor through a heavy-duty reduction gear. Motor is suitable for operation on 220 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply. Supplied complete, with a tray for collection of the material, and abrasive charge
Meets :- IS: 2386 (Part 4), BS: 812, ASTM C- 131, AASHO T96

MI.SA-1005D Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine with Digital Indicator
MI.SA-1005001 Abrasive Charge
A set of 12 hardened steel balls of 48 mm dia

Flakiness MI.SA-1006 Thickness Gauge
Constructed from heavy gauge sheet steel,
Meets: - IS: 2386 (Part 1)

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