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Paint Testing Instruments

MI.PA-1001 Paint Pressure Tester
For determining pressure resistance properties of ready mixed paints and enamels by applying 1.81 kg load through a steel ball on two superimposed painted panels for five minutes and observing whether the base metal is visible. The tester consists of a free falling plunger, carrying a platform through a guiding frame. Complete with one steel ball and a weight of 1.81 kg.
Meets: - IS: 101

MI.PA-1002 Scratch Hardness Tester
For determining the scratch hardness of ready mixed paints and enamels, which is the minimum load required to produce a scratch showing the bare metal surface of the painted panel. The apparatus consists of a 1mm dia hemispherical stainless steel needle, fixed to a platform of a counter- balanced rod, which is assembled on a grooved platform. A rack moves through the groove, to which a painted panel can be clamped. An indicator lamp is provided to indicate the metal contact if the Needle penetrates the paint surface to make contact with the metal. Complete with 1 kg weight. Suitable for operation of 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply.
Meets: - IS: 101
Optional Extras Needle Weight, 2 kg

MI.PA-1003 Salt spray Chamber
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For Salt Fog testing and Corrosion Testing in Salty atmosphere
Temperature Range: Ambient to +55° C
Humidity Range: Ambient to Saturation Limit
Control of Temperature: Digital Readout of set and actual values
Testing Chamber: Acrylic Glass, Nozzle made of Acrylic plastic
Heating element: SS Element: 0.75 kW, 230 V, single phase AC, fitted in the salt solution tank Solution Tank : Made of Fiber Glass, Double walled, capacity 35 liters approx, with provision for water levels
Chamber Stand : Made of MS. Unit is supplied with SS rods and hooks for hanging samples Designed to deliver compressed air at a pressure upto 1 kg/cm².

The following sizes are available

MI.PA-1004 Coating thickness gauge
Used to check non magnetic coating such as paint, chrome, galvanizing, electroplating etc. on ferrous or non ferrous work pieces
Product Details

MI.GE-1005 Flexibility and Adhesion Tester
The paint film is bent through 180° over a 6.35 mm dia rod and examined for any damage, detachment or cracking of the film. The tester consists of two plates hinged at one end with the help of a 6.35 mm dia rod. A stop is provided on one plate against which the painted panel can be held. Complete with x10 magnifier.
Meets: - IS: 101

MI.PA-1006 Ford Flow Cup
This type of cup is been in popular for paint testing. These are available in following sizes jet no. B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5 with stand.
Meets: - IS: 3944 .4

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