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Electronic Testing Instruments

Display 3½ digit LED Resolution 0.01 pH to 14 pH, 0 ± 2000 mv. Accuracy 0.01 pH & ± 1 mv, temp. compensation o to 100°C (manual) power supply 230 V 10% Hz supplied with combined electrode, buffer solutions Electrode stand, dust cover

With Automatic Temperature Compensation Facility and ATC probe & pH Electrode
pH Electronic Spare

MI.EE-1003 Conductivity Meter Digital

Display 3½ digit L.E.D. conductance 0 to 200 mmho, 2 mmho, 20mmho, 200 mmho, 1000 mmho, accuracy 0.5% of range, cell constant compensation 0.4 to 1.6, 220 volts ± 10% 50 Hz. Complete with conductivity cell instruction manual and dust cover

MI.EE-1004 Conductivity & T.D.S Meter Combined Digital With Cell
Conductivity Meter Digital Accessories
(Optional Feature) Conductivity Cell (different ranges complete in Glass/plastic casings with pin type censor).

MI.EE-1005 Multi Channel Soil Thermometer Portable Digital
It is a portable model with housed in a briefcase, suitable for lab as well as field use. It is a six channel instrument with 4 digits display temperature range is from 0°C to 50°C with a resolution of 0.1°C and an accuracy of ± 0.1°C± 1 digit. The unit can be operated on battery as well 220 Volts AC. Mains supplied without probes
Size of probe is : 10 cm 30 cm 50 cm 100 cm

MI.EE-1006 Water / Soil Testing Kit Digital
Digital portable kit with LCD Display for measuring pH conductivity. TDS, ORP Temp. and dissolve oxygen, complete with pH electrode, ORP electrode cond. cell temp. prob. Do sensor buffer solution, Do membranes, and instruction manual operated by two nos. battery. The above instrument is house in VIP brief case

MI.EE-1007 D.O. Meter Digital
Digital DO meter, range 0-20 ppm, resolution 0.1 ppm, accuracy 0.2 ppm ± 1 digit, complete with DO sensor, DO membranes, instruction manual temp. 0°C to 100°C, with probe.

MI.EE-1008 T.D.S. Meter Digital
Digital table model TDS meter, 3½ Digit LED with display with facility for Digital cell constant adjustment alongwith T.D.S.Cell
T.D.S.Cell (Cell Constant 1.0 App.)

MI.EE-1009 Portable Temprature Indicator Digital
Temp. Range : 0-1200°C
Resolution : 0.1°C
Accuracy : ± 0.5%
Battery operated complete with sensor
Available in 3 models
0-200°C, 0-600°C, 0-1200°C.

MI.EE-1010 Digital Pyrogen Testing Thermometer (Tele)
3 Channels with probes
Channels with probes

MI.EE-1011 Colony Counter (Electronic Digital)
Complete with special pen, which allows marking and counting simultaneously. Counting its retransfer at Digital Panel re-settable solid setting counter, a magnifying glass is provided. A fluorescent light is provided for uniform light illumination with three Digital Display 0-999 and with four Digital Display 0-9999

MI.EE-1012 Photo Electric Colorimeter Indian Digital

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